With the large variety of unconventional insurance policies available that you may not have heard of, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to protecting yourself and your finances. Most people are familiar with the typical health, car, home and life insurance policys but there is a whole world of unique coverage options out there just waiting to be explored! Let’s take a look at some interesting and unexpected insurance policies that you might never have thought were so important – from personal liability protection for pet owners; to compensation if an airline bumps you off overbooked flight. Read on to learn more about these remarkable coverages that can give you peace-of-mind in unlikely situations.

1. Pet Insurance: With pet insurance, you can insure your furry companion for accidents and illnesses.

2. Cyber Liability Insurance: For those in the tech world, cyber liability insurance protects businesses from malicious activities that could occur on their networks.

3. Spousal Insurance: This form of supplemental life insurance is usually taken out by married couples in order to provide financial protection for the surviving spouse should something happen to either of them.

4. Jewelry Insurance: If you own expensive jewelry, a jewelry insurance policy can help cover losses due to theft, damage or disappearance.

5. Identity Theft Insurance: This type of insurance covers the costs associated with identity theft, such as restoring your credit and recovering any losses incurred.

6. Wedding Insurance: This type of insurance helps to protect couples from potential losses due to problems that could occur leading up to or on the wedding day itself.

7. Flight Insurance: This form of insurance covers you in case of a flight cancellation, delay or interruption.

8. Collectibles Insurance: If you have any valuable collectibles, this type of insurance can protect them against damage and loss due to theft or natural disasters.

9. Key Man Insurance: This type of insurance is taken out to cover the costs associated with replacing a key employee in a business.

10. Travel Insurance: When you travel, this form of insurance can help cover costs due to flight delays or cancellations and lost luggage.

This list is not exhaustive, and there are many other types of unconventional insurance policies available. It’s important to research each policy carefully and ensure that it meets your specific needs before signing up. Depending on the coverage and the cost, this could be a wise investment for any individual or business. Ultimately, no one can predict the future and having the right insurance policy can provide peace of mind and financial protection when you need it.