From insurance policies covering pet funerals to financial protection against alien abduction or the onset of a zombie apocalypse, there are some truly bizarre and interesting insurance policies out there.

Pet Funeral Insurance: There are certain companies that offer pet funeral insurance which helps cover the costs of funerals for your beloved pets in case they pass away.

Alien Abduction Insurance: Believe it or not, some companies offer alien abduction insurance which covers physical and psychological damages if you are ever abducted by aliens.

Zombie Apocalypse Insurance: Yes, this does actually exist! Zombie apocalypse insurance covers the costs of any property damage caused by a zombie attack should one ever occur in your area!

Doppleganger Insurance: If you’ve ever feared that someone out there looks just like you and could potentially be stealing your identity, then doppleganger insurance is here to help protect against that scenario!

Social Media Liability Insurance: With the rise of social media, many companies now offer coverage for those who may have said something in their post that could be viewed as libel or slander.

It’s amazing the lengths people go to insure themselves against all sorts of weird and wonderful scenarios! So don’t be caught off guard – make sure you stay ahead of the game with one of these really weird insurance policies. Who knows, it might just save you in the long run!